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More on Home-Based Businesses

More on Home-Based Businesses

Home-based business owners and entrepreneurs who work or create from home may think they are exempt from business insurance coverage. After all, there is no commercial office or retail space to insure, so why would insurance be necessary?

These business owners may also believe that if there is an insurance issue, their homeowners or renters insurance policy will cover them. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Nearly all personal lines (homeowners and personal auto) policies exclude any type of business done in the home or on the residence premises. The policies exclude not only the work being done (both tangible and intangible work product) but also employees, inventory, business equipment, and autos used for commercial enterprises.

Fortunately, insurance coverage is available for your home-based business. Hayes Brokers is your insurance partner, helping to find coverage for:

Be sure to read more on what’s covered and not for your home-based businesses.

Commercial insurance for your home-based business can help protect your personal assets from corporate claims related to your business. Don’t risk your family’s financial future on an assumption. Call Hayes Brokers today to schedule a free, no obligation risk management analysis and find out how to protect both your family and your business.

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