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Media Professional Liability

Media Professional Liability

Every media professional knows two things: (1) anything you put out in the media whether in print or on the air becomes truth whether it is true or not and (2) once something is written or said, it never goes away. This can make the media world a minefield of hurt feelings, accusations of slander and of course, lawsuits.

Even if there is no merit to a suit, the time and legal fees associated can damage the reputation and business of a media professional. That is where Media Professional Liability can help.

Who Needs It

Any person working in the media should have Media Professional Liability Insurance.  Hayes Brokers can provide coverage for:

  • Book Authors
  • Book/Magazine/Newspaper Publishers
  • Marketing Companies
  • Online Content Providers
  • Spokespersons/Public Speakers
  • TV/Film/Video Distributors & Producers
  • TV/Radio Broadcasters
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Educational and Instructional Materials Writers & Distributors
  • And many others!

Coverage can even be found for high risk and hard to place media professionals that work with adult content and other controversial materials.

Why You Need It

If you work in print or online written media, radio, television or other forms of broadcasting, mistakes can be broadcast to a large audience. Members of that audience may take offense or even be damaged by something you write or say.

Libel, slander, defamation of character, intellectual property theft, and copyright or trademark infringement are all examples of recent lawsuits filed against media professionals. These lawsuits can be filed by celebrities, businesses, religious or political organizations and even individuals.

These lawsuits can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money that your business does not have.  A Media Professional Liability Insurance policy can cover for alleged or actual negligence, temporary staff and independent contractors, personal injury such as defamation, libel or slander and many other coverages.

Please note that Media Professional Liability policies are written on a manuscript basis to conform to the specific needs of the policyholder. To determine what coverage your business may need, contact a Hayes Broker.

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