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Insurance for Protest Marches

Insurance for Protest Marches

In the current political climate, it seems there are protest marches every weekend, and sometimes during the week. These may be associated with certain holidays or anniversaries of important dates. The point is, they happen frequently.

While some protests are small, unplanned gatherings, marches are a different type of gathering. They often require months of advanced planning, funding, and scheduling. Marches are often required by cities and states to have permits, usually requiring a fee and proof of insurance.

So where can you get insurance for protest marches? Hayes Brokers can help you with that.

Liability Insurance

Most cities and states require organizations to have liability insurance for any organized function being held on public property. When applying for a permit, organizers will receive a packet with information that includes the insurance requirements.

These insurance requirements usually include a list of limits for general liability and auto liability, as well as wording that is required for adding the governmental agency and others as additional insured. They may also require a waiver of subrogation or other wording to protect themselves.

This insurance may only be required for the day, and depending on the march or activity, a special events policy may work to satisfy the governmental authority and protect the organization in the event of problems during the march. However, standard insurance companies may not be willing to offer one day coverage for events with a history or reputation of problematic, violent or destructive behavior.

Don’t Purchase Insurance Online

Because of their insurance requirements, many governmental and municipal agencies will offer links to purchase insurance on their websites. Do not be fooled!

These websites offer one-size-fits all coverage that doesn’t actually fit every event. In fact, the coverage you are purchasing might only cover the government or municipality, offering no coverage for event organizers.

The premium for these policies may be less expensive, but you are getting what you pay for. Some sites may not even cover the type of event you’re holding. An independent insurance broker is always your best bet to get the right coverage.

Organization Insurance

The organizers of these events may be political organizations and/or nonprofits. While the insurance purchased for a special event does offer coverage, it is limited only to the event date and time.

For these organizations, there can be months of planning and fundraising to make this event happen. These are not just one-hit wonders, they are working for causes far beyond the day when the eyes of the world are on them.

Political organizations and nonprofits need insurance for the other 365 days of the year as well: general liability insurance for their premises, auto insurance, fidelity insurance for the funds they are entrusted to keep, and directors  and officers liability insurance for the board of directors.

Hayes Brokers offers a free, no obligation risk management analysis. We can help you determine the right kind of coverage for your event AND for your entire organization.


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