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Health Insurance

Both health care and health insurance costs have been on the rise. It is more important than ever to secure the right health insurance coverage to meet your needs. While the bottom line premium is important, plan options and deductibles can play a huge part in how affordable your plan really is.

Plan Options

Hayes Brokers offers a wide range of health insurance plan options, whether for individuals and families or for group employer-provided health plans.  We can provide quotes from Affordable Care Act exchange carriers and private carriers that are suitable for any needs.

We offer:

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Covered California
  • Private Insurers
  • Kaiser, Blue Cross, Aetna and many more
  • Medicare supplement plans

Coverage Options

Online quotes can seem like a good idea until you are trying to figure out the difference between a PPO and an HMO. Which deductible is right for you? What is coinsurance, and how will it affect your bottom line?

A knowledgeable Hayes broker can walk you through all of the available health insurance plan options at no extra cost to you. If you don’t know the difference between a cafeteria plan and ala carte coverage, we can help.

In addition, we offer dental insurance plans, vision plans, health savings account plans and many other options to maximize both savings and coverage any time you seek services from a health care provider.

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