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Recent Cyber Data Breaches

Major Data Breaches in 2015: 579

Yahoo (occurred in 2014, revealed in 2016): 1,000,000,000 

Anthem Blue Cross (January 2015): 80,000,000

Chase Bank: 83,000,000

US Postal Service: 500,000 employee records

Internal Revenue Service: 1,400,000 taxpayers

Homeland Security: ALL employee records

Target: 70,000,000

Neiman Marcus: 1,100,000

Ebay: 145,000,000

Sony: Unknown

Michaels Art Stores: 2,600,000

Community Health Systems: 4,500,000 patients

Home Depot: 56,000,000

US State Department: Unknown

LinkedIn: 100,000,000

Red Cross (October 2016): 500,000

Quest Diagnostics (November 2016): 34,000


This is not a complete list of all cyber data breaches, just the major ones that have occurred since 2015. Page will be updated as additional data becomes available. For information on how Hayes Brokers can help you insure your business against a cyber data breach, click here.

(page updated January 2017)