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Cargo Insurance

It is easy to insure property that stays in one place. If property is being moved from place to place, local, long distance or international, that is where cargo insurance is needed.


When You Need It

Cargo is cargo no matter how small.  Whether it is being moved by personal vehicle or large trucking company, the items being moved need to be insured and neither commercial or personal auto policies nor commercial property policies cover cargo.  No matter where the cargo is being moved, how much or by whom, cargo insurance is a must.


Common Carrier Coverage May Not Be Enough

Trucking companies and airlines that move cargo often insure by the pound for pennies on the dollar or even pennies on the $100 increment.  These companies can leave you severely underinsured, especially if you are moving cargo with high value.  A cargo insurance policy can insure for the full value of the cargo no matter how it is being transported.

Cargo can be insured whether it is being hauled by a trucking company, a common carrier (UPS, DHL, etc.), airplane, even by the US Postal Service.  Blanket cargo coverage will insure shipments by any means and at any frequency.


What About International Shipments?

Shipping overseas can be an additional headache, so proper insurance is important.  Cargo insurance can insure shipments being sent overseas by any conveyance, and to nearly every country.


Other Things To Consider

Cargo insurance will cover many items, including hazardous materials being shipped across country or around the world.  It is important that your General Liability insurance policy includes Pollution Liability coverage for these hazardous materials during shipment.

Hayes Brokers can help determine the right coverage for your shipments, no matter what you are shipping or where you are sending it.  Call today for a free, no obligation quote to protect your business.



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