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Tree Trimmers

As a responsible Arborist, you regularly take steps to ensure the safety and well-being of your crew, yourself, your equipment, your jobsite and your customer’s property. There is always risk – The unexpected happens, even when you apply your best efforts to make things right. A benign situation can quickly spiral out of control, with devastating financial and emotional results. Having the right insurance coverage in place can make the difference between remaining in business and loss of your future earnings and/or bankruptcy.

Hayes Insurance Understands the Tree Trimming Business

We have insured Arborists from one man shows to companies with over 100 employees for 30 years. We only work with A.M. Best rated insurers whose programs are tailored specifically for the tree care industry. Be careful of any broker who is willing to place your insurance with an RRG (a self insured group, known as a Risk Retention Group).

Liability insurance specifically underwritten for arborists/tree trimmers protects you and your business from both general and industry specific risks, including damages that occur as a result of:

  • Tree removal and pruning
  • Errors and omissions (for example: cutting down the wrong tree, or on another’s property)
  • Application of herbicides and insecticides

We Offer Comprehensive Solutions For Your Business

Protecting your business from legal and financial disaster means covering each of your lines of business risk with proper insurance coverage.

General Liability – Protects you for anything you may become legally liable to pay, subject to policy specifics.

Products Liability – Covering you for claims where products used and applied by your company, such as insecticides and pesticides, cause damage or harm to the customer or their property.

Premises Liability – Even the best crews and most careful companies still have accidents that result in injury and or property damage. Premises liability protects your company from the financial pitfalls of costly lawsuits.

Completed Operations – Not all claims for damages arise while you are actively working on a property. They can sometimes occur in the days, weeks, or years after you leave. Completed operations coverage protects you from claims that your actions resulted in losses.

Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions) – Covering you from claims related to mistakes made on the job, subject to the specifics.

Here’s just a couple examples you should consider while building the right insurance coverage for your tree trimming business:

  1. An arborist cut down 6 large trees that were blocking his view of the ocean, across the street from a home in Santa Barbara, based on the word of the homeowner. The owner of the home across the street came home 5 days later and did not agree. The result was a $120,000 payment to the tree trimmer. Ouch.
  2. An arborist did NOT advise a campground owner to cut down a tree, which fell 2 years later, injuring a person, and smashing the car she was in. This is an example of an Omission.

The Hayes Insurance Process For Tree Trimmers

A complete plan of protection for your tree trimming business should include workers compensation to protect you in the event of injury to employees, commercial auto to protect vehicles when they are on the road, and a business owner’s policy to cover your buildings and their contents, liability, data, employee theft and more.

Your team at Hayes Insurance will guide you through the process to ensure that all of your risk is discussed, and your needs concerning arborist/tree trimming business are met. One often overlooked need for inland marine (equipment) coverage, to provide protection for your valuable movable equipment such as booms, bucket trucks, saws, and cranes.

Hayes Insurance representatives work with multiple carriers so you can be assured that you are getting the best coverage at the best possible rates enabling you can focus on your business. Call us today to request a quote to replace your current coverage or to schedule a consultation with one of our brokers who specializes in arborists and tree trimming businesses like yours. We have many tree specialists insured, and can provide references upon request.

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