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Insurance for Contractors

Contractors have unique insurance needs and we are the experts to help you navigate those needs.  Governmental regulations, technical job requirements, exacting customer specifications and even just the risk of the job all contribute to the frustration of obtaining the right insurance. Contractors don’t need more hassle when it comes to insurance, they need a broker who can partner with them to get the insurance they need to get on the job, get it done and get paid on time.  Here is how Hayes Insurance Brokers can help.

The Right Coverages

Hayes works with over 400 insurance companies to find the right coverage for your business.  They offer multiples carriers for:

General Liability
Commercial Auto
Workers Compensation
Builders Risk
Contractors Equipment
Professional Liability (E&O)
Umbrella Liability

Whether your business is a one man operation or a large contracting company, Hayes can find the coverage you need.

The Fine Print

Contractor clients can have special insurance requirements built into their contracts.  Your contract may require an additional insured endorsement with special wording to include a waiver of subrogation, primary and noncontributory language, a per project aggregate, contractual indemnity and more.  Finding the right carrier that can provide what your client needs is important to satisfy your contract.

You Need A Partner, Not Just an Insurance Agent

Any insurance agent can get you an insurance policy.  The right agent will become your partner in business, and will review any existing or potential job contracts to determine whether you have the right coverage or enough coverage to satisfy the contract requirements. The right agent can help you navigate OSHA requirements and inspections.

The best time to review the contract is before you sign it.  Your Hayes Broker will review the contract insurance requirements with you to determine any additional premium costs to increase coverages before you bid.  Bring your contract to the agent with the experience, knowledge and relationships to get you the coverage you need.

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