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How To Obtain High-Risk Fire Insurance

How To Obtain High-Risk Fire Insurance

As fire season continues to rage, lawmakers in Western states are discussing changes that would restrict building or rebuilding in areas that are prone to fire risk. The numbers would seem to back up this plan: in 2017 in California alone there were over 15,000 structures damaged or destroyed and 45 people killed.

While state governments grapple with how to mitigate losses in fire-prone areas, insurance carriers are already doing what they think is best: canceling policies for those areas where they are seeing numerous and repetitive fire claims. Other companies are restricting the number of policies they write in these areas or refusing to write them at all.

If you own a home or business in areas where fires are common, what can you do?

Have You Been Nonrenewed?

If you already own property in these areas, you may see your insurance premium skyrocket, or you may be nonrenewed if your insurance carrier decides to of the area. What do you do if you get a nonrenewal notice?

  1. Call your current broker or insurance company to get a loss history on your current policy. The loss history should be at least three (3) years, but five (5) years is better.
  2. Call Hayes Brokers to discuss your options.

If your premium has increased tremendously, call Hayes Brokers to find out what other insurance carriers and premium options are available to you.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Insurance companies are required to give at least 30 days written notice of nonrenewal, though most states require them to give at least 90 days notice. This allows the policyholder sufficient time to find replacement coverage.

Often these notices come with a copy of your loss history, but if not, contact your broker or insurance company to get one. The sooner you get started looking for replacement coverage, the more likely you are to find favorable terms for your new policy.

Buying Property In A High-Risk Area?

If you’ve always wanted a home or business in a mountainous area or you can’t pass up a deal on a structure in one of these areas, there is hope for you, too.

While many standard carriers are pulling out of high-risk fire areas, there are companies still willing to write homes and businesses. Hayes Brokers has several insurance companies that will place policies for homeowners and business owners in these areas08. Call today for a risk management analysis and a quote for your high-risk property purchase.

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