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Hayes Brokers Featured at Cannabis Conference

Hayes Brokers Featured at Cannabis Conference

Left to right: Galen Hayes, Camille Dixon, Susan Etter, Cassia Furman

On August 10, 2017, Insurance Business America hosted Cannabis Cover 2017. This conference was dedicated to helping insurance agents, lawmakers and others understand the needs of cannabis businesses as California shifts from medical marijuana to allow for recreational marijuana use in 2018.

Galen Hayes of Hayes Brokers spoke at the 9 AM Conference “Cannabis Cover: Current Needs and Future Opportunities.”  Mr. Hayes was asked to discuss current coverage critical needs for insurance in the California cannabis industry before an audience of over 100 attendees. This included insurance agents and brokers, lawmakers, representatives from the California Department of Insurance, lawyers, insurance company owners and representatives.

“We believe that this was an opportunity to afford major change to the insurance industry for cannabis businesses in the coming years,” said Mr. Hayes.

Other topics discussed included what obstacles there currently are to insuring cannabis operations, as well as the future of insurance and insurers in the coming years, admitted vs. non-admitted markets, and the hopes for the cannabis insurance industry in the future.

Hayes wrote the book on insuring cannabis facilities and operations. With more than 20 years experience, you can trust Hayes to help insure your business.

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