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Glass Coverage for Wrecking Rooms

Glass Coverage for Wrecking Rooms

There are few sounds more satisfying than breaking glass. Whether it’s a car windshield, a piece of wedding crystal or your ex’s phone hitting the wall, it just feels good when that crash occurs. You can almost feel the stress draining from you.

Wrecking rooms are gaining in popularity across the country. People need stress relievers, and they may want breaking glass to be part of that experience. Unfortunately, glass is difficult to insure in wrecking rooms.

What’s the Problem?

While the crash of breaking glass may be satisfying to business patrons, it does present a problem for insurers. Shattered glass makes a harmful projectile to those creating the breakage, as well as to bystanders. Personal items may also be damaged by flying glass.

The glass littering the floor and other flat surfaces can also cause damage or injury. Even a thorough cleaning might not remove small shards.  Safety glass from windshields can cause damage and injury when enough force is applied.

Should You Provide Glass Wrecking Objects?

Not everyone needs the glass breakage experience to relieve their frustrations, though some may request it.

Proper protection in these situations should always be required. Gloves, long sleeves and eye protection should be provided to or required of the person doing the wrecking, as well as any bystanders or other participants.

Will Your Liability Release Protect You?

If you don’t have participants signing a liability release or waiver prior to participating, you should implement this as soon as possible. A waiver is a good step in protecting your business, but unfortunately they don’t always work.

While many states do enforce liability waivers, it depends on the language of the waiver. It is important that your waiver is constructed and/or reviewed by an attorney prior to implementation.

While a waiver may attempt to absolve your business of responsibility for damage or injury, it cannot protect you from the high costs associated with personal injury litigation. Proper insurance coverage is one way to do that.

Can You Get Coverage?

While many insurance companies shy away from writing wrecking rooms that provide glass breakage to their patrons, not all do. Hayes Brokers has several carriers that are able to write coverage for those businesses offering this service.

Hayes offers a wide range of insurance products for wrecking rooms and many other hard-to-place businesses. Call today to find out how we can help you protect your business.

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