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Closed for the Holidays? Protect Your Business

Closed for the Holidays? Protect Your Business

Over the years it has become more common for businesses to close for days, weeks, even a full month around the holidays. This allows them to reduce costs during that time and also gives employees time with their families.

Unfortunately, this can also be the time when a business is most vulnerable to burglary. Will you be closed for the holidays? Here are some tips for keeping your business safe during times when you are closed for business.

Tips To Keep Your Business Safe

Any business that appears to be closed is a potential target for thieves. Lack of foot or vehicle traffic in your area is a good indication that no one is around, but there are other ways to be sure that your business doesn’t stand out as a target.

  1. Remove holiday decorations prior to close of business on the last day. If you are still decorated for Christmas after the New Year, your business will stand out to anyone looking to break in.
  2. Make sure your alarm system is on. If you don’t have one, now is a good time to think about investing in one. Many insurance companies offer discounts on property insurance for businesses that have functioning, monitored alarm systems.
  3. Keep those video cameras rolling. Inside and outside video cameras should be kept on and recording even when you’re not in the office to catch thieves in the act. If you’ve been thinking about installing cameras, they may also come in handy for liability claims such as personal injury when you are open.
  4. Make those deposits. Aside from a small amount of petty cash, any checks or cash in the office should be deposited prior to close of business. In the event of theft cash is one of the most difficult things to replace.
  5. Hire security or do an occasional drive-by. You probably don’t need someone sitting in the parking lot with a walkie-talkie, but having a security company or employee drive by periodically to check the premises for signs of break-in or vandalism can help thwart these activities.

Tips for Handling A Claim

Occasionally break-ins, vandalism, fires or other disasters may occur while your business is shut down for the season. Here’s how to be sure that claims are handled in a timely manner:

Prior to close of business on the last day, make sure all pertinent staff has information on how to contact your insurance company or broker in the event of a claim. This would include not just phone numbers, but also policy numbers and types (property, liability) so that they contact the right person for the right claim.

The first call should always be to the proper authorities. Personnel on site should also take pictures of any damage and make lists of any missing items to assist the authorities and later the claims adjuster.

Hayes hopes that you and your employees have a safe and uneventful holiday break. Should you need to report a claim, we are here to help.

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