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Helpful Tax Information

Spring is on the horizon, and with its arrival, a business owner’s thoughts turn from making money to that day when they are required to write a big fat check: April 15, better known as Tax Day.  With over 74,000 pages in the US Tax Code for 2014 (and likely more for 2018) taxes can be a daunting task.

We at Hayes Brokers are not tax professionals, but we do often field questions around tax time.  As a full-service insurance agency, we would like to offer up the following helpful tax links for the 2015 tax season:

The information above and any information provided by our brokers should NOT be used in place of information provided by a qualified tax professional. We encourage all of our clients and prospective clients to seek the advice of a tax advisor prior to the April 15 filing deadline.

As always, feel free to contact your Hayes Insurance Broker at (800)-869-8643.  We can answer any insurance questions you may have, and we have referral resources for your tax or 401K questions.